Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Five Little Pumpkins (Number Recogntion)


We’ve been doing a lot of Halloween activities around here as I’m sure you are too. I want to share them with you so you can enjoy them just like we did. The activity I’m sharing today was actually inspired by a post I saw on Facebook. Kathy Griffin from Kathy Griffin’s Teaching Strategies shared Five Little Pumpkins Fall Activities. She describes several fun and academic activities to do with this spooky rhyme and she even created a new rhyme that’s a lot of fun too!

The Craft
This was fun and easy for both my two year old and my four year old. I cut out a piece of cardboard that I measured ahead of time to be long enough to fit ten craft sticks with spaces. The kids used white glue to draw lines on the cardboard and glue down the sticks. While we let that dry, I had them make the jack-o-lanterns. I gave them five clothes pins and five orange foam circles and one pre-cut jack-o-lantern fact which they used as a stencil to make the faces with a marker on their circles. They glued one jack-o-lantern to each clothes pin leaving a little of the clothes pin showing at the top as the stem of the pumpkin. Then, we add a small piece of green foam as the leaf for each pumpkin. All of this took a while to dry before we could actually move on to the activity because we are still working on our “little dab will do you” concept.

The Activity
As you can see, our variation works on number recognition. After reading the book and saying the rhyme a few times while placing our clothes pin pumpkins on the gate, I added the numbers to the gate sticks and the dots to the bottom portion of the clothes pins. Then, we said the rhyme again only this time slowly to be able to match each number and dot correctly as we went along. They loved it and still enjoy playing with it. Caleb has the rhyme down and says it everywhere we go. I often hear him reciting it while playing with the pumpkins on his own.

I look forward to sharing more Halloween Activities with you that we having been enjoying so visit again soon!

God Bless Your Learning Journey ~

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  1. 5 Little cutest pumpkin craft {and learning activity} I've saw all year. I'm so glad you linked at Learning From Each Other. I will be making this up for my {almost} 4 year old later today. :)

    1. PS. Jess picked this post as her favorite and it will be featured on Friday !

    2. Thank you for the compliment Amanda! I hope your little one will enjoy it as much as mine did. I'm very excited about being chosen and featured on Friday! Thanks for the heads up! That's wonderful news!

  2. Of course. I just can't get over your blog name. My husband always said he wanted to go and travel like that

    1. I'm glad you like it! Traveling the country, roadschooling, is becoming more and more popular.


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