Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Halloween Matching

I think I’m on a Matching Activity Roll! It’s something we enjoy and these games are really easy to make... usually… at least this one is! 


This one is Halloween themed, but we also did a letter and number version that I’ll be sharing later. You’ll also want to check out the Halloween themed MemoryMatching game I shared earlier.


All you need for this activity is…
* Some foam shapes (mine were stickers, but they don’t have to be)
* A file folder
* A pen
* A zip bag

I chose to use foam shapes for this activity because they are easier to trace, but you can use plain stickers if you choose. If you have foam shapes that aren’t stickers, that will work too. Since the foam won’t stick to the page, this game could be revisited without making more cards.

The cards are made from a file folder. I cut it in half length wise. Depending on your child’s age and abilities, she may be able to match many shapes using the whole file folder or she may need to just do a few using a quarter of the file folder. It’s up to you on what size to create.

I used a pen to trace each shape on the file folder card. Then, placed the shape directly in a zip bag so I knew for sure I had a matching foam sticker for each shape I drew. When finished. I added a few extra shapes in the bag for a couple of reasons.
        1. In case any stickers were harmed in the pulling off of the paper backing experience.
        2. Just to make the experience a little more challenging. If you have a child that doesn’t need the extra challenge, just keep a few extras aside in case they are needed.

The last step is to give your child the bag, card, and a little guidance. Then, let the fun begin!

Have a great time learning this fall!

God Bless Your Learning Journey ~

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Matching & Memory

The game of Memory is as old as rocks (well maybe not that old, but close). Even still, it is just as fun for today’s kids as it was all those many years ago.

We made our own Halloween themed version with a sheet of foam and some Halloween foam shape stickers. It was easier than saying, “Trick-or-Treat!”

First, I selected foam shapes that I wanted to use for this project, making sure I had two of each shape so a matching pair could be found. Then, I cut the foam sheet into strips that were wide enough to easily fit the largest foam sticker. After measuring again (you know the old saying, “measure twice, cut once.”), I cut the strips into squares. Last, I placed a sticker in the center of each foam square. And… TADA! I was done!

While Memory is a fun game for a pre-schooler, a toddler may not be quite ready for the structure. Instead, we just played a Matching game (another “as old as rocks” game). For the Matching game, we place all the cards on the table face up. After one is selected, the goal is to find the matching shape.

Have a great time learning this fall!

God Bless Your Learning Journey ~

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sparkling Spider Web

Halloween’s just not Halloween without spider webs. We had fun making these sparkling ones!

White foam sheet
Silver Christmas tinsel
White glue
Spider foam shape stickers
Hole punch
Pipe cleaner

1. Cut the foam sheet into a square.

2. Use white glue to make a tinsel-X in the middle of the square.

3. Then, place 2 more tinsel strips in an intersecting way through the middle of the X to make a cross.

4. Then, place a tinsel strip on the outside sides of the square.
* This was the limit to my children’s attention span, so that’s where we stopped.

5. (Optional) Cut shorter sections of tinsel and glue them in an octagon pattern around the web.

6. Allow your child to select one or more spiders to stick to the web.

7. Hole punch one of the corners of the white foam square.

8. Stick the pipe cleaner through the hole and twist it to create a circle.

You can hang the completed product on a door handle or cabinet door. You may even choose to hang it on a hook to decorate your front door! Enjoy!

Have a great time crafting this fall!

God Bless Your Learning Journey ~

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sunday Scoop

Today I’m joining a fun Linky Party over at Teaching Trio. Sharing three things I have to do, two things I hope to do, and one thing I’m happy to do. Feel free to share your own responses in the comment section below!

God Bless Your Learning Journey ~

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Fun Activities


Traveling around the country this time of year is absolutely beautiful! We left Georgia toward the end of the summer. Some of the leaves were falling off the trees and covering the ground, but the main color was still green. We ventured north through South Carolina, North  Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and now we are in Kentucky just in time for the crisp autumn air and speckles of gold flitting through the green. What a beautiful time of year!

It’s also a beautiful time of year for teaching themes too! I wanted to share with you a few things The Learning Wagon has to offer you for this season!

This product includes fall themed vocabulary cards, teacher directions, a comparison mat, and 3 sets of leaf cut-outs! Learn more by clicking the picture below.


Enjoy this number writing freebie! It's a great fall activity with an apple theme! Have your students practice writing their numbers 1 - 30 and don't forget to encourage them to try the challenge at the bottom of the page! Learn more by clicking the picture below.


Looking for a fun way to build Word Problem skills with your students? This pack of activities and games is perfect to practice all autumn long! There are no ghosts or goblins mentioned in these word problems, so if you’re looking to avoid those topics this is the right product for you! Learn more by clicking the picture below.


Looking for a fun way to build Word Problem skills with your students? This activity is perfect for the month of October as the word problems present Halloween related topics and information for students to work through while playing games! Learn more by clicking the picture below.


This product has a seasonal or holiday related theme for every month, including apples, pumpkins, and turkeys for the fall season. It focuses on teaching students to count from 0 - 30 and beyond and gives them practice opportunities that students can quickly learn to become independent with while staying engaged all year round with fun themes that change monthly. Learn more by clicking the picture below.


Use these printable observation journals to help guide your students into writing their findings about fall topics all while using their senses. The observation journal pages are also provided in an ActivInspire Flipchart version, which allows you to interactive write or write together with your class on your Interactive White Board! Learn more by clicking the picture below.




Get ahead by checking out this great product! Make learning to tell time, use measuring tools, compare lengths, compare numbers, graph, and much more FUN! FUN! FUN! Learn more by clicking the picture below.


I hope you enjoy these great resources! I encourage you to click the Follow Me button on my Teacherspayteachers Store so you can keep up with new products and sales dates going on. Also, I'd love to hear your feedback! Tell me what you think about these great products and any others you see that might be perfect for your students!

God Bless Your Learning Journey ~

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