Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from our family to yours! Thank you for following my blog and supporting our family in all that we do! 

Today, I wanted to share with you the fun Valentine’s Day cards we have made for our friends here at the RV park…

We’ve made three different cards for our friends.

“Bee My Valentine”
1. Fold a sheet of construction paper in half.
2. To make the bee…
Trace handprints (Best for a child 1 year and younger, otherwise the bee will be too big.)
Using water colors, have child paint fingers black and palms light blue. Have child paint a sheet of paper yellow. When dry cut out an oval to match the size of the hands. Cut out a semi-circle of black for the head. Have the child glue the yellow oval down. Then, glue the hands with glue on the fingers only so the wings (palms) pop up a little like 3D wings. Then, glue the head at the top of the oval. Have the child add wiggly eyes. Add foam shapes for fun.
3. Inside…
Fold a sheet of white paper in half and lay the child’s hand on the paper with the forefinger and thumb touching the fold to create ½ of a heart. Trace the hand. Cut out the hand, but do not cut the fold where the forefinger and thumb touch the fold. Have the child use water colors to paint. When dry glue inside. The hearts at the bottom are fingerprints.

“Our Hearts Open to Your… Friendship”
1. Fold the short ends of a sheet of construction paper in half. You should have a long rectangle. Then, fold the left side in 1/3 of the way and the right side in 1/3 of the way to make the ends meet.
2. Outside…
Paint the child’s hand and lay the hand on the paper with the forefinger and thumb touching where the edges meet. Paint the child’s other hand and place the hand on the other side to have the edges  meet. Make sure the line up the thumbs and forefingers to create a heart shape in the middle.
3. Inside…
Draw 10 hearts with a pencil across the middle of the page. To do this, I started in the middle and drew 1 heart on each side of the middle. One half of a heart should be on each of the fold lines. Then, have your child tear and glue one color of tissue paper to each heart. It’s ok if the go out of the lines slightly. When dry, use a permanent marker to outline the hearts and write one letter of the word “friendship” in each heart.

“I love you.”
This one was for my sign language teacher here in the RV park.
1. Fold a sheet of construction paper in half.
2. Outside…
Dip your child’s finger in paint and touch the paper four times to create the petals of a flower. Then, use green paint on a paint brush to whisk in some stems.
3. Inside…
Trace your child’s hand and cut it out. Have your child glue them to the card, but do not put glue on the middle and ring fingers. Bend down the middle and ring finger and place a foam sticker heart on top.

Enjoy your special someone!

God Bless Your Learning Days,


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spreading the LOVE with a "Thank You"
I am not a perfect mom. I struggle from hour to hour juggling things I need to get done with meeting the needs of my children and husband. I get overwhelmed. I get stressed out and I have mommy tantrums myself. Not something I ever thought I would do. I mean, I taught 24 kindergarteners each year in the classroom and I was good at it! I have learned that having one 2-year old is much more difficult than having 24 five-year olds. I often feel like I’m a terrible mom. I’m doing a terrible job. I don’t know what I’m doing. I pray every night that God would help me know what to do!

In my discouragement, God has spoken to me a couple of times. First, through a message by Jenae from I Can Teach My Child. Her blog post, “Untapped Resource” was a refreshing perspective. Another amazing message, "when satan steals your motherhood" by Christie Elkin, encourages you to realize where those negative messages are coming from and fight back!

Second, is in a, “Thank You.” In fact, several “Thank Yous” from some people I know and some strangers. They say, “Thank you for doing a good job.” “You’re children are so sweet. You are doing a great job.” “We love having your children in church. Thank you for bringing them.” Every time I hear one of these “Thank Yous,” I am refueled. I am uplifted and being in a better spirit also helps me cope better with those difficult 2-year old moments. 

The next time I see a mom or dad in the grocery store, at the mall, at the park or anywhere, I am going to find a way to say, “Thank You!” “Thank you for what you are doing with your children. You are doing a good job!” We need to support and encourage each other. It’s not easy raising and molding a child into a God-fearing, kind, respectful, loving adult, but it’s worth it! 

On the days you are tired and worn thin, DON’T GIVE UP! You are doing a GOOD JOB!


God bless your learning days,

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