About Me


Thank you for visiting The Learning Wagon! I appreciate you stopping by and hope you decide to come back often! The Learning Wagon was created to share resources, ideas, and strategies to classroom teachers, as well as homeschooling, and roadschooling parents.  My goal has been to develop and share resources that promote real-life learning activities and resources that engage elementary aged learners. I hope you find these resources and materials useful in your learning journey. 

About Me!

My name is Jen Schneider, also know as Teacher Jen. I welcome all The Learning Wagon guests to feel like family as you join our family in our educational adventures!

My life has changed quite a bit in the past five years. My husband and I lived in our traditional sticks and bricks (S&B) neighborhood while I worked in my traditional brick and mortar school as a kindergarten teacher. Then, we moved to our old farm house built in 1900 to raise our growing family on a hobby farm where I got a job teaching second grade in a virtual school. My husband, Andy Schneider, is know as the Chicken Whisperer. We traveled often for his work, so we bought our first travel trailer. When our six week work trips were combined with fun learning experiences like visiting the Dixie Cavern in West Virginia and the Statue of Liberty in New York, we began staying in the camper more than we were in our home. We became Roadschoolers! 

You can see an example of our Roadschool set-up by CLICKING HERE!

I encourage you to follow us on our adventures as we travel around the country to keep up with our latest learning experiences!

Check out my husband's website by clicking below.

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