Monday, June 29, 2015

Stained Glass Butterfly Craft

It's time to share a craft. My kids love butterflies and I'm sure yours do too! Who doesn't? We chase them, observe them on flowers, draw them, paint them, and today we crafted a beautiful butterfly together.

Supplies you'll need...

1. Construction Paper - You'll need 2 sheets of 9" X 12" construction paper to make the butterfly. Your children my choose the same color or two different colors. Caleb's favorite color is green, so he chooses green for everything and yellow is one of the colors Lily's good at identifying, so those were the colors they chose. You'll also need a sheet of brown paper to make the head and body of the butterfly.

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Scotch Tape 

5. Shipping Tape

6. Cut Tissue Paper Squares

How to put it together...

1. Place the two sheets of colored construction paper on top of each other and fold them in half at the same time. Use your scissors to cut out wings on one side of the butterfly so that when it opens, you will have symmetrical left and right side wings. While folded, cut out decorative shapes on the butterfly, but the shapes must be no bigger/thicker than the shipping tape. I cut out lines across the top and bottom of the butterfly, but you may cut out small circles, hearts, or any other shape of your choosing.

2. Fold the brown construction paper in half and cut out the shape of the butterfly's body and head so that you end up with two pieces.

3. Tear a strip of shipping tape that is about a foot long. Fold back the ends of the tape and place them on a table in front of your child so that the sticky side faces up. 

4. Provide your child with cut tissue squares. Older children and strengthen finger muscles by tearing their own tissue squares. Have them children fill the sticky side of the shipping tape with colored tissue paper so that little to no stickiness remains. 

5. Pull off another strip of shipping tape equal in size to the first and cover the tissue paper so that it has a laminated affect.

6. Cut the laminated tissue paper strip to match the designs you created in the butterfly. Have your child secure the laminated strip down using Scotch tape.

7. Have your child place glue all around the construction paper edge. There should be no glue placed on the laminated tissue paper areas.

8. Match up the second construction paper butterfly on top of the glue. 

9. Have your child draw a straight line down the middle of the butterfly using glue. Attach the head and body of the butterfly to this area.

10. Flip the butterfly over and have your child place another straight line of glue down the middle of the butterfly plus the head and bottom of the butterfly from the other side. Match up the second head and body on top of this area. Then, let dry.

11. Hang up for a beautiful affect on a window!


God Bless Your Learning Journey,

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