Sunday, May 31, 2015

From the heart

I'm going to get back in the writing action again. I had to take some time off to focus on my family and then to be honest it was just hard to get back into the groove. If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw the posts about my sister having a brain bleed before Christmas, my husband had a bilateral hernia surgery in January, one of my former students went home to be with the Lord, among dealing with various colds and stomach bugs all while traveling around the country. I'm not complaining though. I am thanking you for your prayers for my family. My sister is blessed to be healed, my husband is blessed to be healed and functioning like a normal person again, we are healthy for the moment and while it is a tragic loss that I am still grieving over, I know and am comforted that my sweet student is with Jesus today dawned in a brand new and perfect body. 

Tragedy can easily pull us into a downward and chaotic spiral if we let it. It's much easier to ride the wave in that direction, but I thank God for inspirational people he places in my life to jump off the wave and fight the currant to find hope for a better tomorrow, a different perspective, and God's will for my life again. One of these amazing people is Kristy. We met on the 2014 Chicken Whisperer Tour that took up through Indianapolis, Indiana where my husband rented the Chicken Limousine for a night on the town with four winners from his fan base. Kristi was one of them. I say her mom battles from ALS, because she has been diagnosed with it, but Kristi battles every minute of the pain and struggles this horrible disease causes right along with her all while being a wonderful mother, wife, and doing a job she is passionate about. She hangs up family pictures in her mothers room for her to look at and smile, she is her mom's advocate when her mother has to be admitted to the hospital, and she does everything she possibly can to make sure her mom is comfortable and has what she needs. She is an amazing daughter!

I also met a woman named Susan on this same ride. She suffers daily from Lyme disease, but she doesn't let it stop her. She battles her own disease all while working to educate others about Lyme disease. She traveled out of her way just to come see us when we came back to Indiana this past month on the 2015 Chicken Whisperer tour. Even though her disease was taking a toll on her body, she joined us at our campsite after the event to chat and play around with my kids on the playground. She's an inspiring person to know!

My student that passed away was named Abram. He was born with a heart defect and had many surgeries even before he showed up at my kindergarten classroom door. He instantly had my heart and his parents were and are just as lovely. Even thinking of the loss of this child right now brings tears to my eyes so much so that I have had to stop and busy myself with other things between writing the sentences in this paragraph just so I don't completely break down. I have two children of my own and thinking for a moment about how I would feel if I lost one of them is not something I can fathom. Holding myself together through a beautiful sermon, people sharing wonderful experiences about my child, a slide show of his short life, and family and friends gathering in a line to offer words of blessing and comfort just doesn't seem possible. Tracey and Leonard somehow raised a son that was sweet, compassionate, brave, strong, faithful, hardworking, empathetic, caring, and always smiling a feat that is amazing in itself, but they are also trusting God with his plan, a plan we don't understand. They are strong and amazing people. I could see the comfort and peace that only God can provide at a time like this in Tracey and Leonard when I shared my love for them and Abram at the funeral. They are a truly inspiring couple.

God has blessed us while traveling to meet so many people, wonderful people that have a special place in our hearts. We all have our moments of negativity, but don't let them pull you down. I'm saying this to myself as much as to anyone that reads this. This wasn't my intended post for today, it's just what came from my heart, so I feel it is what God has led me to write for what ever reason. If you heart is spiraling toward depression because of the trials that you have experienced, take a moment to look at the lives of others around you. Not to say, well at least my life isn't that bad, but to be inspired to live a joyous life through whatever trials you may experience.

God bless your learning journey ~


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