Monday, November 2, 2015

Roadschooling Through the Common Core

I am honored and excited to share with you my Guest Blog Post on Minds In Bloom! Roadschooling Through the Common Core is meant to give homeschooling, roadschooling, and even classroom teachers ideas of how to teach the standards incorporating real world living. I chose five second grade Math and Language Arts standards to show you examples of engaging purposeful activities (I had a few more ideas, but word count restraints caused me to cut a few out. Maybe I’ll share them in a later post on The RV Classroom.) Even though these activities stem from second grade standards, these activities can be tweaked to meet higher or lower levels. My hope was to inspire you to look further than computer apps, worksheets, textbooks, and traditional inside paper focused activities to engage your learners. Getting outside of the classroom and in the fresh air, moving around, and teaching kids to look deeper at the world around them brings together multi-sensory, multi-learning styles, multi-experiences together for stronger connections to their learning.

I hope you enjoy my suggestions and please take a moment to leave a comment on the Minds In Bloom website to share your thoughts about my post.

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God Bless Your Learning Journey ~


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