Friday, October 31, 2014

In the Spotlight!

Something FABULOUS has just happened and I HAD to share it with you because I am sooooo excited and honored!

Recently, (TpT), where I sell my quality work materials for You, and You, and You, asked homeschool / roadschool sellers to share their thoughts on the kinds of resources that support, enrich, and enhance the homeschool / roadschool environment. 

To be honest, I didn't even know this thread existed in the the TpT forum. If it were not for the wonderful Tami from Kamp Kindergarten to mention my name, I would have never known! I got an email request from the TpT editor to comment about this topic, which made me feel special!

I shared my thoughts and that was that...

Or so I thought...

I received a Facebook message from Tami just a few minutes ago telling me to check out the link, so I did...

And you can too by clicking the picture above once you finish reading my post of course!

As I read, not too far into the post, I read my own comment! MY OWN COMMENT!!!  WOW! ME!

Of course it wasn't all I wrote, but I'm very excited and honored to have been chosen from the hundreds of other comments that were posted in that forum to be features on the TpT Blog! 

And, if you scroll just below were my comment is posted on the blog, you will see Kamp Kindergarten (Tami's) comment with a rocking shout out to roadschoolers! 

I think it is pretty cool that homeschooling and especially roadschooling is gaining so much acceptance these days even is taking the time to notice, support these folks (us), and get the word out about alternative ways to educate children! 

Way to Go TeacherspayTeachers!

OK... Now you can click the link above or HERE and read the blog post! Enjoy!

Have a Blessed Learning Journey ~

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