Monday, September 1, 2014

Patriotic Hat

To celebrate Labor Day, we had fun creating hats together. We were going to wear them as we watched the golf cart parade at our campsite, but naptime conflicted, so we just went on a walk around the campground in our own parade fashion!
To make the hats…

Blue, red, and white construction paper
Glue or paste
Star and heart shaped foam stickers
Tape or Stapler


1. Fold the blue construction paper in half so that the long sides touch. Then fold it in half again so that the folded long side touches the opposite long side. When you open it up, you should have 3 folds. Cut on the folds to create 4 strips of blue. The will create the head band. Most likely, you will need to use 2 strips to make it around your child’s head. You’ll need to staple or tape the strips  together at one end.

2. Place the blue headband around your child’s head to measure how big it needs to be. Where the 2 ends overlap, fold that section to the back so the child doesn’t decorate it with foam shapes.

3. I have the children pick one foam shape to place over the staple area or tape used to connect the strips. This is the middle of the headband.

4. Using a marker, either write or have your child write their name on the left side and the year on the right side of the middle foam shape.

5. Have your child decorate with foam shapes on the front.

6.. Tear strips of red and white construction paper down the long end of the paper.

7. To encourage patterning practice, have your child glue the strips of paper in a pattern (AB, AAB, ABB, or AABB). Make sure they place a line of glue on the headband and then match the bottom of the torn strip to the bottom of the headband so that the strips don’t stick out in the child’s face.

8. Let dry.

9. Measure again to make sure the hat will fit properly and then use the tape or stapler to connect the hat in the back.

10. (Optional) You can encourage your child to curl or bend the strips to for added wackiness around their head!

I used to make these with my kindergarten students to wear in a school parade we always did on Constitution day. I believe the inspiration for this craft came from a similar version hat that I saw in a Mailbox Magazine many, many years ago. For all these years, it has been a fun, super cute, and great activity for any patriotic occasion!

God Bless your Learning Journey~


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