Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Do you know what a Honey Wagon is?

A few days ago, I posted, “Do you know what a honey wagon is? Caleb does…” on TheLearning Wagon Facebook page.

For anyone that is interested in learning what Caleb has learned, below I will share what a Honey Wagon is in the RV world. 


 Campgrounds offer a variety of hook ups. Some offer water only. This is traditionally offered to tent campers and provides them with a water faucet they can use for cleaning and cooking. Some offer water and electric providing the tent camper or RV camper the ability to hook up to a power source. This might allow the tent camper to plug in a griddle or the RV camper to power everything in the camper from the water heater for a hot shower to a refrigerator or even a blow dryer. What this option doesn’t give you is a sewer to dump water from your toilet or shower and RV tanks can only hold so much. When you’re staying at a campground that only offers water and electric for more than a few days you are going to have to empty your tanks. No one wants to unhook from the water and power source and hook up their trailer or fifth wheel to their vehicle  just to drive it over to the dump station and then back to the site just to hook back up to the water and power source and unhook from their vehicle again… not once and especially not more than once if they’re staying there any length of time That’s where the Honey Wagon comes into play. 

As you can see in the picture, this Honey Wagon is a tank pulled by a tractor. The campground worker visits sites where  campers need to be emptied, connects hose from the camper to the tank to drain the gray water (water from showers and sinks) and the black water (water and waste from the toilet) into the tank. When the tank is full, it is  taken to the dump station to be emptied and then begins again until all the RVs have had their turn. Most campsites  that have a honey wagon do this once a week, but offer the service to those who need it for a charge on other days that their tank is full. 

We’ve never actually used the service of a Honey Wagon. We prefer to stay  at campgrounds that offer full hookups (water, electric, and sewer), so we can dump on site as needed. In the past, when we have had to stay in a facility where we only had water and electric, we only scheduled a stay for one day. We minimized our use of our shower because that is how our tank fills the fastest. After 2 standard time  showers for us, our grey tank is full.. Instead, we use the showers offered by the campground.  Our black tank can last about a week with our family. 

What is a Honey Wagon? 

Now you know… 

God Bless your Learning Journey ~

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