Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Caleb & Happy Memorial Day to You!

We’ve been camped out at Stone Mountain for the past week enjoying the activities and getting ready for a birthday for my soon-to-be 3 year old son. I say “soon-to-be” because we had his birthday party about a week early so we could celebrate while we were near family. Sadly, due to sickness, some of the family wasn’t able to make it. While our celebration was small, just as in show business, the festivities must go on. That morning, we got his face painted, took the Skylift (a cable car) up to the top of Stone Mountain to enjoy the view, rode the train, and climbed the rope-stical course. Enough to tire the little ones out so they’d take a good nap. It worked great for Lily Anne, but Caleb was so excited about his party he had a hard time falling asleep. I kept hearing him sing, “Happy Birthday to me…” while in bed. When party time rolled around, we had a good time cooking out, eating cupcakes, and opening presents. I think Lily Anne made my Mom walk a mile up and down the hill at our campsite. After cleaning up, we headed to Memorial Lawn to view the laser show and fireworks. There, we met some new friends while waiting for the show to start. It was an exhausting day, but I hope my little man knows how special he is to us and how thankful we are that God blessed us with him. XOXOX

We are also grateful to the men and women that serve and have served our country. This weekend is a great time to celebrate with your friends and family, but it is important to remember the sacrifices that have been made so we are able to do so. 

Hug your friends.
Kiss your loved ones.
Thank a Hero! 
Respect the Constitution. 
Honor the Commandments. 
Stand up for God.

God bless your learning journey,

What about you? How did you celebrate this holiday? I'd love to hear about the special memories you made with your family or the actions you took to honor those most deserving. Please share your stories in the comments below.

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