Thursday, May 8, 2014

Checking out what growing... in our backyard!

Home Sweet Home! Even if it was only for a few days before leaving again. Our visit back home gave us a chance to take a refreshing walk around the yard and check out all the beauty from the spring growth. I was honored to receive a multitude of flowers... a gift I treasure!

There are 13 pecan trees in the backyard and it was a most beautiful sight to behold their green foliage shading our play area. It's hard to tell until later, but we hope this fall our yard will be covered with yummy Georgia pecans of all different varieties!

We also spotted green berries weighing down our blue berry bush and our raspberry plant canes are filled with white blooms!I hope we can be home to get them before the deer do this year!

The most exciting produce we found around our home was up in the pear tree! Caleb was so excited to tote around a "baby pear." He kept asking... "is it ready yet?" I told him it had to get much bigger before it was ready to eat. He knows that he gets bigger when he goes to sleep, so he says, "tomorrow be ready?" I told him, "No, it has a lot of growing to do and that will take many nights of getting bigger."

This is the first year we didn't plant a spring garden. We haven't been home enough to tend to it, but we're still excited about collecting the treats God has blessed us with this summer and fall!

What about you... have you planted a garden this year? What are you growing?

Blessings to you on your learning journey,

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