Thursday, November 14, 2013

On the Road Again...

I’ve disappeared for a little while because we have been so busy traveling! We left our camp resort in Helen, GA and headed down to Stone Mountain, GA for the Indian Festival. Caleb had a great time seeing the giant tee-pees, traditional Native American dancing, toys, skins, and so much more! Stone Mountain is Caleb’s favorite place because there are so many great activities for him to do that he loves and I love it too because we all have fun as a family spending time together and Caleb (and everyone else) builds gross motor muscles throwing balls, climbing stairs, sliding down slides, climbing on netting high in the sky, not to mention just walking the park. We enjoy the educational movies about rocks and of course the train rides!

We took a drive to Gainsville, GA one day to visit Interactive Neighborhood for Kids (INK). This place is awesome! I used to bring my kindergarteners to INK for a field trip every year! They have different rooms set up for children to freely explore their community with real life size objects! For example, they have a grocery store with carts children can push as they collect their groceries and then take them to the check out stand to be scanned. They also have a post office, doctor’s office, dentist office, diner, courthouse, school, farm, music room, and much more! They also have a real airplane, fire truck, police car, and a large wooden train engine. Not to mention small and large play areas! There was so much to do, Caleb was a bit overwhelmed. We got him to venture out to explore these areas, but he mostly just wanted to play with the wooden train sets.

From Stone Mountain, we left for a day trip up to Nashville, Tennessee as my husband, The Chicken Whisperer®, was presenting a seminar on keeping backyard flocks.

While he was working, we took advantage of the beautiful autumn landscape to explore acorns, find squirrels, different colored leaves and take some great pictures of Caleb and Lily!

Then, we came back to Stone Mountain for a day to enjoy the Christmas festivities. They lit the Christmas tree on top of Stone Mountain, had carolers sing around the park, there were Christmas themed plays presented all around the park, The Polar Express (a shortened version) in 4D was shown at the movie theater, the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth was shared on the sing-a-long train ride, snow angels flew, snow fell, fireworks boomed, and so much more!

Then, we went home to switch out a few things… mainly leaving the winter clothes behind and pulling out the summer clothes, our bikes, and I brought some more schooling materials. Yay!

We arrived at our destination in Lake Placid, Florida late Monday night and spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday setting up, but it was worth it! I love our spot! We are right next to the pool. We have an extra concrete patio right behind us (excellent for sidewalk chalk and riding Caleb’s new tricycle!) My schooling materials are now nicely organized and I can finally share our set up with all of you wondering what it looks like to road school in an RV with limited space!  Keep an eye out for my next blog as I will be sharing all the details soon!

Blessings to you!


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