Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bad Days are Learning Days Too...

Not every day is a good day… that said, we all need a few bad days to appreciate the good ones.

Today started off good enough, Caleb woke everyone up at 8 a.m. as usual, I fixed breakfast, and then we began homeschooling activities. I always start off with some gross motor activity and today we went for a walk around the RV park while Caleb pushed Lily Anne in the stroller down and back up the mountainous hills where we are. We ate lunch and went back outside for more schooling while Daddy, also known as the Chicken Whisperer® did his podcast at the picnic table from under the awning. I drew 5 pumpkins on the drive near our car and wrote the numbers 1 – 5 in the pumpkins. You can see more about this activity by clicking the picture below and reading about it from my Facebook post for our FALL FUN Activity share.

We also did some activities which I will share more about in a post later using Touch Math. After that, I took Caleb and Lily Anne up to the swing. We brought some of Caleb’s toys like a shovel, pail, dump truck, and car because there are rocks there he likes to play with. When I came back home to put Caleb and Lily Anne down for a nap, I noticed water leaking out of both sides of the door to the RV. I opened the door and WOOOOSH! The water rushed out the door onto the patio. I ran inside to see what was going on and found the bath tub full and overflowing. Water was about an inch deep on the camper floor. I quickly turned the water off and yelled outside to Andy who was talking to our neighbors. Andy had turned the tub on to help flush our tanks and went back outside waiting for it to fill and fill it DID! The Whole Camper! Our neighbors watched Lily Anne and Caleb while we took towels trying to dry the floors. An hour later, we felt we had most of the water up. We had to pull everything out of the cabinets and turn the air conditioning on full blast as well as a box fan to help dry what we couldn’t get because as you can imagine water and RVs do NOT go together. Water is the biggest destructive force an RV can tangle with causing mold as well as weak and rotting floors among other things. Daddy went to Walmart to get some DampRid that we also put under the cabinets to absorb the water we can’t get to. Fingers are crossed that we don’t have any more problems arise from this event, but only time will tell.

Everyone has a bad day. At some point, mistakes are made, but life goes on. The most important thing to remember is that all of these situations are learning opportunities for us as adults to practice handling our stress in appropriate ways, trying to make the best out of bad situations and figuring out how to make better choices in the future. More importantly, these are learning opportunities for our children too. They see how we handle problems in our lives with our language, our attitude, our emotions, and our spirit. It’s an amazing time right now watching my toddler develop. I see how he imitates my husband and me on a daily basis. I want to be a better person for him. I want him to learn to accept his mistakes without beating himself up, be able to problem solve quickly to figure out a solution to whatever may arise, and forgive others that make mistakes that affect him. For him to be able to do this, we have to model these behaviors for him. Overall, I think we did a good job today as we dried water for corners and cracks we laughed, we rallied together to get the job done, and we forgave the innocent mistake.

Just remember, when you’re having a bad day… Bad Days are Learning Days too.  
God Bless,

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