Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Multi-media Decorating

Caleb and I had a great time decorating eggs yesterday! We enjoyed experimenting with crayons, markers, watercolor paints using Q-tips, and stickers! It was fun to watch him try the different mediums to express himself artistically. I think the markers and stickers were his favorite. When he was finished, he carried the egg he decorated using markers and stickers around about half the day. It was very loved! His least favorite medium was the crayons. I think it was because he has a very light touch on the paper when using crayons and it didn't stand out as bold as the markers did. I thought the paint made a pretty design on the egg. That was my favorite, so I used that to decorate my egg. 

I hope you enjoy your Easter with your family. Remember to have fun, but don't let the commercialized version of an Easter bunny cloud the true meaning of this holiday. It's not about children receiving gifts from a bunny. It's about sharing the true meaning of love, sacrifice, and resurrection with your children and your family. The most wonderful gift any of us could receive. 

Thank you Jesus for taking my place on the cross so one day, I can be with You!

Have a blessed learning journey!

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