Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Snowing in Florida!!

In a recent post, I shared some fun activities Caleb and I did with cotton ball "snow." You can check it out HERE: The Cotton Ball Experience.  A few days later, my surprise arrived in the mail... Snow!

Ok... so it's not really snowing in Florida. I'm sure your initial thought was, "What? I can't believe it... It must be due to Climate Change (formerly known as Global Warming)."

Well, you can rest your weary heart. We have a few more years before that happens... I hope :)

Anyway, Caleb and I have been having a grand time playing with snow in Florida. Yes, the white fluffy stuff... No, not the cold stuff. Have I confused you enough yet? Maybe this will help...

I ordered this from Amazon since I knew we were not going to have any chance of seeing snow here in Florida this winter. Caleb and I have been reading books, singing song, and playing games all about snow and I wanted to give him an opportunity to somewhat experience it. I wasn't sure how it was going to be because I've never done it before, but we've had a great time and I look forward to playing with it more as we go visit family for Christmas.

My Review:

The price I thought was fair. Especially when we received the container and saw how much very little of the powder it took to make a good amount of snow to play with. This should last us through the winter for sure!

It was also very easy to make the snow. Just a few ounces of water mixed with a scoop of powder and POOF! It turns to snow in front of your eyes. Caleb loved doing it himself. He also enjoyed holding the powder in his hands as I poured the water over it. I'm sure in his eyes it was magical and I have to say it was pretty neat.

It's not cold... which is my kind of snow! You can however put it in the freezer to make it cold like real snow though.

I knew Caleb would love this and I was right! He was totally engaged for hours on several occasions.

The experience was well worth it!


We enjoyed many sensory activities. 

First we made lots of snow and placed them in a dish bucket. 

In one sensory activity, I gave Caleb a large spoon, measuring cup, and small bucket. He enjoyed spooning the snow into the measuring cup. Once filled, he poured the snow into the small bucket. 

In another activity, Caleb played with his mini trucks and tractors in the snow. He loved scooping the snow with his front end loader and fill up his dump truck. He'd drive it around and to the other side of the bucket, pour it out and do it again.

There are other activities we're planning to do. For one, I read in the directions that the Insta-snow will melt when you add salt to it. That sounds like a pretty neat experiment!

I'd recommend this product for anyone ready to have lots of fun!

Have you tried Insta-snow or another product like it? What did you think? Did you do any neat experiments? I'd love to hear about it! Please share in the comments!

God Bless your Learning today~

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